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2020 丝路商贸英语(义乌工商职业技术学院) 最新满分章节测试答案

M1 Getting to know B&R Test M1

1、 问题:BRI refers to Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. When and where was BRI mentioned for the first time?
A:2013, Pakistan.
B:2014, Kazakhstan.
C:2013, Kyrgyzstan.
D: 2013, Kazakhstan.
答案: 【 2013, Kazakhstan.


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decline 和 downfall 有什么区别?如果难以说明的话,请教我一下例句。

They’re similar. “Decline” indicates a slower event that happens over a longer period of time that may lead to a “downfall”. For example: The city’s decline of income ultimately led to its downfall.

In other context they’re interchangeable. For example: “The downfall/decline of the Roman Empire took place over ten years.”


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May-December Marriage

今天看书的时候看到了一个英语谚语叫“May-December marriage”,意思是“老夫少妻式的婚姻”。就很好奇,这和五月,十二月有什么关系呢?背后有什么故事吗?


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